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Bell Publishing Ltd. is a multimedia publishing company dedicated to the education and empowerment of children and their families. Bell Publishing Ltd. produces Spanish and English language supplemental curricula for classrooms, homes, and academic programs dedicated to helping children and families learn to read.

Our education and learning materials are of the highest quality with interactive features and innovative applications to bring the pleasure of learning to children and families. In addition, our products are grounded in academic and scientific research that is both current and relevant. Our team of artists, educators, and writers creates products that educate, entertain, and inspire children and their families to expand their knowledge. The children's division of Bell Publishing Ltd. exists to strengthen the intellectual, personal, and cultural growth of young learners alongside their parents.

The difference between Bell Publishing Ltd and our competitors lies within our ability to organize and execute programs geared directly to a district’s curriculum and personal needs within a matter of days versus months, even years. We provide certified teachers who are native Spanish speakers and place them in neighborhoods and homes, thereby encouraging education in the home. We provide access to artists, writers, musicians, and motivational speakers to large communities and call them “family nights.” Although technology is a large part of the program, we never fail to forget that a live person is the greatest part of the equation to our success. Therefore, we partner with non-profit agencies to handle the social emotional well being of our parents and their children. Our programs and products are often “turn-key” while others are piecemeal. The program includes the added value of staff development, internet access, and supplemental products for the classroom and the home.

We are proud of the innovative management practices that have evolved from within our company. We are developing an "Intrepreneur" program in which our contract and full-time employees can participate. Under this program, if employees create new ideas that become profitable for Bell Publishing, our team members will have a choice between a bonus based on sales of those product ideas or a special prize, like a trip to Europe. We encourage dynamic thought and we make it a point to explain every aspect of the business. We keep everything transparent so that the team understands the vision and goals of the company. We require that our team of artists and animators achieve certification in developmentally appropriate practices for teaching young children by providing them with an instructor certified by the State of Texas. We are a family and our compassion as owners goes beyond the typical birthday luncheon. We provide a kitchen stocked with food and we know our employees’ parents by name.

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